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Polished Concrete

The concrete floor is cut back with a variety of diamond abrasives which allow the rock to be exposed. Once exposed it is cleaned and prepared with the application of either a gloss or matte surface coating. Other options can be added such as color, scouring, radial line borders, and other designs. If you want to have your favourite memorabilia cast into the floor of your garage, bathroom or lounge room so all your friends and family will be saying "WOW" then polished concrete is for you.


The benefits of polished concrete are that the floor is low-maintenance and easier to clean. It also reduces dust mite and allergen problems. Polished concrete is hard-wearing and will not chop or dent like softer surfaces such as timber and tiles. 

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating is the use of epoxy compounds as a coating or paint. Epoxy coating is generally two parts which are mixed prior to application and consist of an epoxy resin that is cross-linked with a coreactant or hardener.  The products and colour range are vast, so the finish can be anything from a simple colour to a decorative flake finish or metallic look. Some common uses are garages, kitchens, workshops, factories, food preparation areas, and general concrete protection as it is non-slip, and heat, chemical and fire resistant.

Grind and Seal

Grind and seal is a system in which the concrete is ground back as little or as much as desired. After the concrete is exposed with as few scratches as possible, a clear topical sealant is used to give the concrete protection, surface and shine with the options of gloss or matte and colour. All sealants provide a non-slip surface.

Rubber Flooring

By choosing to go with rubber flooring, you get a surface that is vast in features and benefits.  Rubber flooring is a strong floor that can stand the test of time and traffic. It a soft and cushiony surface. While many people choose to use rubber flooring in home-gyms and children’s play areas, the style has developed into a more sleek, universal option. With the choices of different colours, patterns and designs, there is no room you can’t put rubber in. 

Memorabilia Casting

Want to have your favourite memorabilia cast into the floor of your garage, bathroom or lounge room so all your friends and family will be saying "WOW"?




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