• Carpet

  • Tiles

  • Cork

  • Paint

  • Timber

  • Patios

  • Glue, paint and contaminants on concrete

  • Trip hazards

  • Tree roots

We remove all floor coverings. Carpet, tiles, cork, paint, floating and glued timber floors, patios and old driveway paints are all removed with a minimum of inconvenience to our client. If needed we also install. We have machines big and small for all types of applications. Our specialised tile and vinyl removing equipment significantly reduces the job time and cost.


We diamond grind concrete areas, removing stencilcrete, paint, tile glues, oil sealants and contaminates. We can remove trip hazards by scabbling or diamond grinding the concrete to leave a desired and safe finish.


Warehouse trip hazards and lippage removed to reduce the abuse on forklifts. Tree roots lifting pavers - flattened.


Preparation and levelling jobs involve everything from flooding floors to achieve 100% level surface, to a timber sub floor install meeting a 3mm over 3 meter tolerance, to skim coats and patching and filling of expansion joints, cracks and water diversion. Grinding plus glue removals and nasty con curing compounds all sorted. Forming and shaping of cement-based ramps for easier access (no stubbing toes or trips) in doorways, and preventing falls created in wet areas by diamond grinding and screeds, can also be done.

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We don’t just remove floors. For a custom new look to your prepared floor, consider our competitively-priced flooring options:


  • Polished concrete

  • Grind and seal

  • Exposed rock

  • Rubber flooring

  • Epoxy flooring

  • Garage floors